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Gulshen began her Krav journey after looking for an effective self defence system that would help protect her and her two children whilst out and about. With no martial arts or other training background she was looking for a system that would be simple to learn, but at the same time deliver real effective results on the street.

As a 5’ 0” petite female she has been on the receiving end of numerous real life situations such as mugging, threats and a potential car jacking. However each time knowing the essential self defence skills and situational awareness techniques Krav Maga has taught her she has been able to get both herself and her children home safely.

Gulshen is in a unique position as she realises and understands from a female perspective what it is like to be faced with the dangers and issues women have on the street. From street harassment, to coming home alone from a night out and to even the risk of potential car jackings and distraction attacks when you are out and about with your children.

After realising how much Krav Maga helped her both in terms of essential skills, fitness and empowering her with confidence she decided she wanted to pass this onto other women.

Gulshen is now also pround to be working with Hopefull Handbags global charity as their Global Women's Self Defence Instructor.

Gulshen is:

  • A full time KMG certified Instructor.
  • The ONLY female KMG instructor in the West Midlands.
  • A BTEC Advanced Self Defence Instructor.
  • Global Women's Self Defence Instructor for Hopefull Handbags global charity.
  • DBS checked.
  • First Aider.
  • Highly Experienced teaching women and girls.
  • Fully Insured.



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