Do you have a daughter aged 7-12yrs?

Does she struggle with her confidence?

Does she need reassurance about who she is?

Do you want her to have more resilience?

Is she struggling with her friendship groups?

Then bring her along to our Steps to Confidence Summer Camp!

We will be helping build confidence, resilience and helping to understand the complex world of friendships. We will look in depth at how she can celebrate her own strengths, love herself for who she is and embrace her own identity.

She will leave knowing she is enough and having the tools to practice mindfulness and being able to use those skills in moments when she is struggling.

The world is tough to navigate and understand at this age but now is the perfect opportunity to build her resilience and confidence before senior school and social media has taken a hold.

Come and join us in this fantastic and fun workshop and watch the transformational change and confidence of your daughter grow!

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