Award Announcement!

I am super proud to announce that I have been awarded the ‘Woman Who Achieves Award 2022’ for Strike Back Self Defence and the impact we are having on Womens and Girls lives across the UK and globe

Woman who achieves Woman who achieves

Featured in Disruptors Magazine - Top 30 unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs Of 2022

Featured in Disruptors Magazine

Gulshen Bano is the founder and Head Instructor of Strike Back Self Defence for Women. After experiencing a number of physical assaults and threats to her safety whilst working as a Pharmacist, she set out on a mission to be able to protect herself and began training in Krav Maga. Soon realizing there was a huge lack of safe spaces for women who didn’t want to learn in mixed classes or with a male instructor, she became an Instructor herself and proudly opened the only ‘Women’s only’ Krav self defense school in the UK. Today she teaches workshops for women and girls across the UK and worldwide, working with the Domestic Violence charity Hopefull Handbags as their global women’s self defence coordinator. She is on a mission to make these vital lifesaving skills virtually accessible to every female across the world so they can learn how to protect themselves and stay safe.


As featured on BBC WM. Listen in to our lead instructor Gulshen Bano speaking about Krav Maga and Strike Back

As featured on BBC WM

Welcome to Strike Back Self Defence for women

Strike Back Self Defence specialises in teaching women and girls Krav Maga.

It is the only Krav Maga School in the West Midlands that exclusively teaches women. We are an approved KMG UK club and teach authenthic Krav Maga.
Have a look at the programs we offer and come and join us to learn vital life changing self defence skills with a KMG Certified Female Instructor.

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